We specialise in offering custom control solutions that adhere to RETEC (Renewable Energy Transmission and Distribution Code) and SAGCRPP (South African Grid Code Renewable Power Plant) requirements. Our standard control modes include:

Absolute Power Limitation

This mode allows the setting of a maximum limit on the active power output of the generation plant, ensuring compliance with grid codes and preventing overloading of the grid.

Dynamic Ramp Rates

With dynamic ramp rates, we can control the rate at which the generation plant adjust its output power, allowing for smooth transitions and stability in response to changes in environmental parameters or grid conditions.

Frequency Deviation

By monitoring grid frequency deviation, we can adjust the active power output of the generation plant to help stabilise the grid and maintain frequency within acceptable limits.

Reactive Control

This mode enables us to regulate the reactive power output of the generation plant, helping to manage voltage levels and improve power factor.

Power Factor Control

Power factor control ensures that the generation plant maintain a desired power factor, optimising efficiency and reducing reactive power demand on the grid.

Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation allows us to adjust the reactive power output of the generation plant to regulate grid voltage levels, ensuring stability and reliability.

These standard control modes are essential for effectively managing active and reactive power output from the generation plant, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and contributing to the stability and efficiency of utility-scale generation projects.


As a leading provider in the industry, we offer a comprehensive suite of services as part of our utility scale projects.

Our offerings include:

Enhanced Functionality for Utility Scale Projects

We offer a range of enhanced functionalities as part of our standard control solutions for utility scale projects.

These include:

RTU Interfacing

Our RTU interfacing feature ensures seamless communication between Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and control systems, enabling real-time monitoring and control of critical infrastructure components. This enhances performance by providing timely data insights, improves operational efficiency through automated control processes, and saves costs by reducing manual intervention and minimizing downtime.

Monitoring & Expandability

Our solutions provide comprehensive monitoring of worker devices with scalable capabilities to accommodate future expansion needs. This ensures flexibility and adaptability to evolving project requirements, enhancing performance by facilitating efficient scalability, improving efficiency through optimised resource allocation, and saving costs by minimising the need for additional infrastructure upgrades as the project grows.

User Accounts & Permission Levels

With customisable user account management and varying permission levels, our solutions enable secure access control and tailored user experiences based on roles and responsibilities. This enhances performance by ensuring authorised access to relevant information and functionalities, improves efficiency by streamlining workflow processes and reducing errors, and saves costs by minimising the risk of unauthorised access and potential security breaches.

Local & Remote Backup Capabilities

Our robust backup capabilities, both locally and remotely, ensure data redundancy and continuity of operations in the event of system failures or disruptions. This enhances performance by minimising downtime and data loss, improves efficiency by enabling quick recovery and restoration of operations, and saves costs by mitigating the financial impact of downtime and potential data loss on the project.

These enhanced functionalities are integral to optimising the performance, reliability, and security of utility-scale projects, empowering clients to achieve their operational objectives effectively while realising significant performance improvements, efficiency gains, and cost savings.

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Grid Code Compliance, DNP 3.0, IEC Compliant: 60870, 61850